Ben Dod is a small home-making company that makes home-made beer, every time they make beer it is always a new taste, different than the last.

They are cousins, which makes this a family owned company, they both love the taste of beer and love to create new and interesting’s flavors.

My approach for the design was not to focus on the beer, because it is ever changing, but to focus on the cousins themselves.

They are called ‘shkedi’ in Hebrew, which means almonds, and so my design used the almond concept and colors, to best represent who the cousins are and to show graphically their unique brand and their love for it.

The Logo

About the Logo

In my approach to design the Logo I kept in mind my plan to show the cousins and the way they see beer making, every new flavor is a new idea they came up with, from a different country, sometimes tied to recent events that happen to them or to the world in general, each beer tells a small story.

The colors are traditional beer colors with a twist of the strong orange, to show of the different way the cousins make beer, the colors of the almond tree bring a sense of freshness and remind us of the beautiful blossom of the trees, to show that on every traditional beer flavor there is a twist, one that is sometimes hard to describe in words but is there nonetheless.

The beers

About the beers

The taste and type of each beer is different, and so when I design a new type of art for it I take my original design so the consistency remains, and then change it to fit the new beer.

For example, the second beer is a Belgian dark beer, meant to be served ice cold, and so I designed it’s label so it will give the feeling of cold and snow.

The last design was made because of the war that is currently going on in Israel, both the cousins and myself serve in the reserves, and so it was important to us to make a beer to support our troops, and so I designed it with that in mind. 

Color pallete

Each beer design may be different but some colors always remain, it is a combination of traditional beer colors and the colors of an almond tree in bloom, just like the beers themselves there is a traditional part and a new and exciting part, and that is the message the colors are sending.