What is Steamfunky?

Steamfunky is an app designed to attract a very special kind of people, the kind that love cosplays, read and explore fantasy novels and series and use their imaginations freely.

It is true not a lot of people know about steampunk, but those who do care for it deeply and it is a big part of their lives.

My app was designed not only to give them steampunk styles clothes, accessories and more, it is designed to make the app a place for all things steampunk, forums for people to talk about ideas and experiences, an easy way to find out where the next and closest steampunk festival is and even to organize one yourself, and also a place for new people to learn about steampunk and join it’s community.

Steampunk is a fantasy world set in the Victorian area mixed with steam powered engines and machines, it has a very unique and easily recognized style, and in a world where people always look for new ways to express themselves it is the perfect solution.

The Logo

The logo was designed to capture the steampunk spirit, hot air balloons and cylinder hats are a big part of the Steampunk world, by combining them in a fun and creative way i wanted to remind people the simple joy of experiencing new and exciting things in the world.

Festival photos

The process

Colors and Icons