About the brand

Sold Out is a startup platform where people can buy and sell second hand tickets for concerts and show.

as a big concert fan this was one of my favorite projects ,and my goal was that my design be fun, simple and innovating, to address all people who love concerts.

to achieve that goal I have researched what exactly we are feeling and what sort of experience we get when we go to a concert, and to create a graphic language that will remind us of that experience.

About the Logo

my main goal with the logo was to remind them of the concert experience, that is why the logo is cut into pieces and part of the ‘D’ became a ticket, to make them think about purchasing tickets and going to a show.

however i understand today a lot of the tickets are online as QR codes, that is why the graphic language is built with QR codes, my purpose was to unite the old ways with the modern method of going to concerts.

The colors are the show itself, the deep blue is the sky at night just before dark, and the orange the stage lights, all to make you remember your experiences. 

Full branding including: business card, two posters, flyer, an ad for the paper, invoice, envelope and a beer gift box.

Colors used

Fonts used